2012 Results

CAT 27 - Branded Entertainment (BC)


C - the branded CONTENT agency (ISRAEL)

Procter&Gamble, "THE MOMumentaries PROJECT, ISRAEL"27-04487-BC

Agency (city): C - the branded CONTENT agency, Ramat-Gan

Creative Director(s): Erez Bergbaum

Production Company (& City): Kuperman productions, Tel-Aviv

VP clients: Gil Lederer

Content supervisor: Adi Hendler

PG CEEMEA : Isabelle Sakai

PG ISRAEL : Kehat Rebecca

PG ISRAEL : Shacham Roni

Kuperman Production: Ilanit Bauman

Kuperman Production: Oren Kestenbaum

Kuperman Production: Enav Shenhar

Films director: Sarit Haymian

Short explanation

• The Challenge – Create a local amplification to P&G's global campaign for the London 2012 Olympics: "Proud Sponsor of Moms" that will engage Israeli mothers with the message that behind every talented and devoted Olympic athlete there is an equally talented and devoted MOM.

• The Strategy – Thank the Olympic moms is not enough, we should tell their inspiring STORY. The athletes’ lives are well documented but the perspective of the mom is rarely explored.

• The Creative Idea – To tell the story of the moms we have launched the first branded entertainment documentary series in Israel: The MOMumentaries project. The MOMumentaries Project tells the story of this incredible life through a mother’s eyes. The sacrifice and devotion it requires, the recognition of the spark, the hope and guidance provided and the unconditional love regardless of success or failure.

>> We have reached 41% of the mothers in Israel (Reach W 25-54)
>> More than 350,000 people watched the movies online (index 165 vs. target) - the most viewed documentary movies (branded or non branded) online ever in Israel
>> More than 800,000 households watched the trailers on TV (58% of the households in Israel)
>> More than 35,000 moms blogs have been read
>> More than 40,000,000 impressions online for the campaign
>> The free PR that P&G gained in the media was the highest ever for P&G in Israel (90% positive tone of sentiment)

• The Execution – We have produced 6 short documentry movies (4-5 minutes each), telling the story of 6 Israeli leading Olympic Athletes through their mother's eyes. The MOMumentaries on line exploitation plan was launched with a dedicated branded channel on one of Israel's leading web portals, airing 2 new webisodes every week, and allowing viewers to experience the story of an Olympian mom as it has never been told before. In order to promote the webisodes, we have produced a 1 minute trailer for each movie that was aired on TV and on YouTube, as a call for action to watch the full movies online. In addition, we have published blogs of the mothers who led the movies on social media and on print. The buzz was generated and the movies have become the talk of the town on the media and on social media while generating tremendous press coverage. And most important, the moms behind the Olympians have become heroes on their own


P&G is the largest consumer packaged goods company in the world with $82.6 Billion sales (2011), which stand behinds some of the leading FMCG brands in the globe. As a worldwide partner of the Olympic Games, P&G launched in 2012 the first ever corporate brand campaign to support the P&G brand as an umbrella for its loved brands. It was the biggest campaign in P&G’s nearly 175-year history under the big idea of :"Proud Sponsor of Moms".