2012 Results

CAT 28 - Public Relations (PR)


Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH (GERMANY)

City Cleaning Hamburg, "Trashcam Hamburg"28-00745-PR

Agency (city): Scholz & Friends Berlin

Creative Director(s): Martin Pross, Matthias Spaetgens, Mirko Derpmann, Christoph Blaschke

Copywriter(s): Mirko Derpmann

Art Director(s): Christoph Keller, Sebastian Frese

Photographer(s): Mirko Derpmann, Christoph Blaschke, Roland Wilhelm, Max Soller, Matthias Schroder, Hans-Peter Strahl, Michael Pfohlmann, Hans-Dieter Braatz, Nicole Nordt-Wulf, Peter Hermann Schammer, Wernder Buenning, Bernd Leguttky

Agency Producer(s): Sandro Buschke, Benito Schumacher

Account Manager: Sarah Westphal

Postproduction: Fabian Behrendt

Filmproduction: Mario Jakob, Daniel Klessig

Graphics: Dustin Przibilla

Short explanation

Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The people of Hamburg love culture and fine arts. But they show little respect for the men who keep their city clean.

Our task was to show the people of Hamburg how special their garbagemen are. And how much they care for their city.

So the binmen became artists. We asked them to photograph their favourite places. With their trashcontainers, transformed into oversized pinhole cameras by drilling a hole in the front and putting a giant piece of photographic paper in the back. The pictures were exhibited at the Bucerius Art Forum, one of the most important museums for contemporary art in Germany. The story and the photos were printed in every magazine and newspaper in Germany. Not to mention more than 20 television and radio broadcasts celebrating the binmen artists of the Hamburg waste collection.