2012 Results

CAT 28 - Public Relations (PR)



La Redoute, "The Naked Man"28-01857-PR

Agency (city): CLM BBDO, Boulogne Billancourt

Creative Director(s): Matthieu Elkaim, Benjamin Marchal, Olivier Lefbvre

Art Director(s): Ronan Coursin

Production Company (& City): CLM BBDO, Boulogne Billancourt

Head of Digital: Nicolas Carlotti

Communication Director: Amelie Poisson

Managing Director: Marie-Pierre Benitah

Vice-President: Bertille Toledano

Audrey Bedoucha, Anne-Lise Sellier: Account team

Short explanation

OUR STRATEGY: La Redoute is facing a crisis communication where not only redoute’s client but also a broader audience is talking about this outrageous fail, questioning la redoute’s reputation and mocking the brand.In this critical situation should la Redoute react? Or is this better not to risk anything otherwise the crisis will start again and even more bigger? Our aim is to twist this bad buzz into good buzz. La redoute needs to take the controle back on its e reputation and transform all the negative conversation in a positive halo effect.
Once we decided to react, we knew that we needed to answer to our target audience where the story initially begins (social networks). The answer’s tone needed to be humoristic enough to make understand to our audience that even if la redoute apologies for its mistake the brand take it with humor. Furthermore everything that we do need to be business oriented, that’s why we needed to engage with humour our extended audience and drive them to la redoute’s website.

OUR CREATIVE EXECUTION:We launched a hunted fake fails on la redoute’s website. This fail hunt was introduced by a corporate video posted on social networks. This video invited internet users to search 14 fake fails among the 33 600 pictures on the website la redoute.fr. Once we had posted the corporate video on youtube, we spread the news on la redoute’s facebook and twitter account (a Wednesday at 4 pm, a high traffic moment on la redoute’s social media account), and simultaneously have visible the 14 fake fails on la redoute’s website. Initially we thought that participants will take one week to find all the pictures, but in less than 4 hours already 6 pictures were found and the community was sharing , liking, tweeting the operation. We give guidelines to la redoute’s community manager to give some clue and engage even more people. After 48 hours all the pictures were found.

THE RESULTS:The objective was to take back the control of la redoute’s e-reputation and that‘s what we did among our target audience but also to people who know the brand and care for it from near and far. We won since the beginning of the operation 100 000 fans on facebook and generated numerous positive topics on this specific operation. The video had 220 000 views in less the 48 hours and during the operation the traffic increase of 70%. We didn’t invest a dime in media neither had a press release as this video was our ambassador but as the bounce back was smart enough we had 1200 press articles, and US$ 1 069 000 earned media.


In early January, a man is found naked in the background of a children’s picture of the first e- retailer website in France: La Redoute.fr. Obviously this was not done on purpose but was a mistake during the photo shoot. The unexpected fail has quickly been removed from the website, but it was too late. In less than 4 hours, the naked man became the 2nd twitted topic in the world. It made headlines of traditional media and news channel. Everyone talked about la redoute’s mistake, laughed about it and make their own parody of it.

Facing this crisis communication, should la Redoute react? We decided to react and twist this bad buzz into good buzz. We launched a hunted fake fails on their website, launched by a corporate video. 14 fake fails were hidden among 33 600 pictures on the website la redoute.fr . In less than 48 hours, all the pictures were found, 1200 articles were published, talking about how La redoute had taken back the control on its e-reputation.