2012 Results

CAT 28 - Public Relations (PIE)


Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia (TUNISIA)

Engagement Citoyen, "The Return of Dictator Ben Ali"28-02197-PIE

Agency (city): Memac Ogilvy Label

Creative Director(s): Nicolas Courant

Copywriter(s): Asma Kanzari, Mehdi Lamloum, Yosri Mimouna

Art Director(s): Gerald Heraud, Yassine Boughaba

Agency Producer(s): Aziz M'Bazaia, Moez Nemsi, Bedis Benamor

Short explanation

Within a few months, Tunisia went from decades of dictatorship and one only political party... to its first ever free and fair elections, 1600 candidates to choose from and over exposure to countless political messages and advertising. As a direct result of the confusion that arose, many had completely lost interest in politics. Only 55% at best would go and vote. Thus forgetting the main objective of the Revolution: Democracy for Tunisia. Engagement Citoyen, a non-profit organization that aims to promote Tunisians' democratic awakening, asked us to convert this apathy into action and inspire a higher turnout at upcoming elections.

We needed to re-activate people's political engagement with a strong and effective reminder. So we set up a provocative and visually engaging event. We put back Ben Ali's giant poster in La Goulette and let people experience the real danger of abstention: the return of dictatorship !
The poster provoked protests leading the people to tear it down. But when they did so, they discovered another one underneath: BEWARE, DICTATORSHIP CAN RETURN. ON OCTOBER 23RD, VOTE + url for neutral and simple informations on the candidates' programs. The event was filmed and posted online in order to spread the message.

The message spread immediately (30% share rate), generating tens of thousands of calls for action, + 461% visits on Engagement Citoyen's website and countless media coverage everywhere. People spontaneously changed their social media profile picture into our second poster. Within a few hours, guetting out and vote had become the ultimate act of the revolutionary process. In the evening it was aired on all Tunisian and Arabic channel news.
The next day, it spread worldwide. Most Importantly, we made people take that final crucial step and actually vote as 88% turnout was reached. Far higher than the expected 55%.


Engagement Citoyen is a non-profit organization that aims to promote Tunisians' democratic