2012 Results

CAT 28 - Public Relations (PR)


Havas Worldwide Amsterdam (NETHERLANDS)

The Metropole Orchestra, "Save an Orchestra"28-02734-PR

Agency (city): Havas Worldwide Amsterdam

Creative Director(s): Peter Hamelinck, Thijs de Boer

Copywriter(s): Thijs de Boer, Huibert-Jan van der Fange

Art Director(s): Peter Hamelinck, Demy Sapthu

Account: Budi Gonzalez de Chaves

Strategy: Remko Herremans


How do you keep the Dutch government from dramatically cutting the subsidy of the Metropole Orchestra? By showing that the orchestra is alive and kicking. Our concept: produce a number 1 hit, something which the orchestra, always performing in the shadow of the stars they accompanied, has never done before. The number one hit was the start of a lot of free publicity, accelerated by the facebook campaign ‘win a living room concert’. This was promoted by a concert of the 55 man orchestra in an ordinary home. The overall result: the orchestra got the subsidy they needed.