2012 Results

CAT 28 - Public Relations (PR)


Proximity China /Goodstein & Partners (CHINA)

The People's Car Project, "Hover Car"28-03571-PR

Agency (city): Proximity China / Goodstein & Partners, Beijing

Creative Director(s): Daryl Villanueva/ Felipe Ferreira/ Flavio Vidigal

Copywriter(s): Jojo Zhang/Vivian Liu/Derek Lu

Art Director(s): Andy Li/Zoro Cui

Production Company (& City): Stink, Shanghai

Agency Producer(s): Desmond Loh/ A Wu

ECD: Georg Warga

Motiongrapher : Hymn Wong

Editor: Ever Liu

Designers: Fang Ji/Sofia Lv

Short explanation

Wang Jia or user Dark520, a girl from Chengdu, submitted an idea for a hover car on the People’s Car Project website, www.zaoche.cn. Volkswagen took her winning idea and applied magnetic levitation technology, turning it into a working concept car. Volkswagen celebrated the girl’s idea by surprising her with a dedicated film, featuring her parents behind the wheels. The film was revealed to Wang Jia at a private movie premiere, where her friends, family, and a flash mob joined in celebration. The story spread to the local and international press, including ChinaDaily, New York Times, the Huffington Post, Forbes, and talk show host Jay Leno. With 18 million views worldwide, the Hover Car film inspired audiences everywhere to discussed and analyzed the technology of the concept. Volkswagen continued to innovate by inspiring more breakthrough concepts, including the Sphere Car, the Music Car and the Intelligent Key. As a result, they pioneered a new design process for the automotive industry, where products are inspired by the people, for the people.


In 2011, Volkswagen asked the people of China to create new ideas for cars. We called it the People’s Car Project. One year and 141,000 ideas later, Volkswagen is finally bringing the people’s wants, needs, and dreams together to create the People’s Car.