2012 Results

CAT 28 - Public Relations (PR)


Ogilvy & Mather Werbeagentur (GERMANY)

Staedel Museum, "Frankfurt is Building The New Staedel"28-03922-PR

Agency (city): Ogilvy Frankfurt

Creative Director(s): Dr. Stephan Vogel, Helmut Meyer

Copywriter(s): Dr. Stephan Vogel

Art Director(s): Helmut Meyer

Account Management: Sabina Pal

Advertiser's Supervisor: Kerstin Schultheis

Strategic Planning: Anna Hoehn

Short explanation

The renowned Frankfurt Städel Museum desperately needed more space to showcase the many
treasures languishing in its archives. Therefor, we needed to mobilise the whole city of Frankfurt
to help raise the 5 million Euros within 2 years required to build the museum extension by the
beginning of 2012. So we did not just run a campaign, but declared the extension as a project for
the whole of the city of Frankfurt. An activating and involving campaign slogan 'Frankfurt is
building the new Städel' and a memorable key visual and mascot, a 'yellow builder boot', helped
the Städel enter into a dialogue with local citizens and were creative inspiration to all the
benefactors. The campaign turned an investment of under 0.25 million Euros into national and
international publicity and generated almost 5.5 million Euros in donations by the end of 2011.
A great PR case, that shows how a simple but yet striking symbol - a yellow builder boot -
generated maximum awareness and animated a 2 year campaign themed 'Frankfurt is building
the new Städel' by creating inspiration for many activities and events around the Städel
extension fundraising. And thus creating whimsical press pictures that caught the attention of the
press for a total of 3.500 times only in Germany (press articles, TV and Radio broadcasts,
estimated online reports).


Staedel Museum