2012 Results

CAT 29 - Promotions & Incentives (PIE)


DDB Warszawa sp. zo.o. (POLAND)

McDonald's, "Hamburger Timetable"29-01994-PIE

Agency (city): DDB WARSZAWA

Creative Director(s): Zuzanna Duchniewska-Sobczak, Maciej Waligora

Copywriter(s): Mateusz Ksiazek

Art Director(s): Magdalena Drozdowska

Production Company (& City): Tribal DDB, Gutenberg Networks

Agency Producer(s): Kasia Seyfried - head of creative solutions

group account director: Nazar Al-Khouri

account mangers: Anna Polka / Anna Swiderek

Bizrunner: Piotr Muranty

digital production: Robert Grabowski, Marek Kozlowski, Andrzej Krok,

prodution manager: Jacek Lukasik

Short explanation

The Central Train Station in Warsaw is not the most interesting place: trains are delayed, people are waiting, hanging around senselessly. Our task was to attract passengers to McDonald's restaurant located nearby the station and let them spend more time there.
Hamburger Timetable installed on the way to McDonald's at the Central Train Station in Warsaw. It displays real-time train information and something extra: waiting time not in minutes but in... hamburgers, cokes and fries you manage to eat at McDonald's before your train leaves. It also reckons delays. The longer you wait, the more menu items on the screen.


A new and innovative way of combining real-time train information with McDonald’s menu.