2012 Results

CAT 29 - Promotions & Incentives (PIE)


Ogilvy & Mather, Prague (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Daruj Správně , "Give it Back"29-02780-PIE

Agency (city): Ogilvy & Mather, Prague

Creative Director(s): Jan Havlicek

Copywriter(s): Radek Antl

Art Director(s): Bernard Netopil

Production Company (& City): Avion Postproduction

Illustrator(s): Tomas Jursik

Account Handler: Michal Kroupa, Alan Ostarek, Tomas Jindrisek

Short explanation

To promote darujspravne.cz (an online portal which allows safe donations to approved charities) we sent out street teams who asked passers by to donate 20 Czech crowns (about 1 dollar) to an unnamed charity. They turn recieved a gift, a box with 20 crowns in it and a message: "Here is your 20 crowns back, but next time be careful who you give your money to"


To combat the rise of fraudulent street fundraisers in the Czech Republic, Daruj Spravne was launched as an online portal to protect your donations.