2012 Results

CAT 29 - Promotions & Incentives (PIE)


DDB Tribal Group (AUSTRIA)

IKEA, "IKEA MQ Sofa Swap"29-03114-PIE

Agency (city): DDB Tribal Group, Vienna

Creative Director(s): Sebastian Kainz, Vera Steinhäuser, Hannes Böker

Copywriter(s): Antonia Kiefhaber

Art Director(s): Marian Grabmayer

Chief Creative Officer: Eric Schoeffler

Client Service: Elisabeth Pelzer

Digital Project Manager: Florian Grünwald

Digital Conceptionist: Sebastian Schöndorfer

Programmer: Agency Liechtenecker

Media Agency: Monika Philippi

Media Agency: Omid Novidi

IKEA Advertising Manager, Client: Sabine Beck

IKEA Marketing Manager, Client: Florian Thalheimer


You always feel at home with IKEA.This is why a unique campaign will be created which, as well as having a strong social media aspect, also draws attention to the IKEA sofas, in one of Vienna’s most popular hotspots: the Museumsquartier.

The uncomfy seats in the Museumsquartier are being swapped for 44 comfy IKEA sofas. These are available for visitors to sit on day and night. And best of all, with a bit of luck they can be won at the end of the campaign.
Using a competition app on the IKEA Facebook fan page visitors can upload pictures of themselves and their favourite couch. News of the campaign is spreading incredibly quickly via Facebook. On Sunday evening the lucky winners will be informed, and then each item of furniture will bepicked up and taken to its new home.
35.000 visitors during the event, 63.000 views on Facebook, 300% growth of fans in two days, 1,5% increase of sales in IKEA's key Vienna store.