2012 Results

CAT 30 - Animation (TVC)



Gemdale Lake City Project, "Lake City-Art"30-01129-TVC

Production Company (& City): Shenzhen Dans Digital Technology Co.,Ltd

Film Director(s): Deng Bohong

3D Aritists: Wu Qinlin, Chen Liqun, Wu Lei, Guan Mingda, Kong Linglong, Jiang Yujiao, Zhang Ting

Texturer: Feng Mudan

Matte Paiting: Li Yan

Animation: Xiang Hongming, Fan Kai

Special Effect: Liu Hao

Compositor: Li Yan

Assistant Compositor: Yang Hui

Editing Supervisor : Duan Yuping

Editor: Rong Yuxuan

Photographer: Lin Minsheng, Xu Guibing


The commercial is about a large estate project located in Xi’an named Lake City. The major technique applied in the film is multiple application of 3 dimension , sketch , watercolor and oil painting . A seamless shot throughout the whole film , fused with watercolor and oil painting to deliver the information of a high quality of life to customer. The special effect shot transform between the real world and painting make a marvelous sense, highlight the honorable and exquisite life.