2012 Results

CAT 30 - Animation (TVC)


dirk&philip kommunikation (GERMANY)

FutureSelf Exhibition, "Moth"30-01632-TVC

Agency (city): dirk&philip kommunikation, berlin

Creative Director(s): Dirk Henkelmann, Philip Borchardt

Copywriter(s): Dirk Henkelmann, Philip Borchardt

Art Director(s): Dirk Henkelmann, Philip Borchardt

Production Company (& City): polynoid.tv

Film Director(s): polynoid.tv

Production Company Producer(s): polynoid.tv

Agency Producer(s): Johannes von Liebenstein c/o Lovestone Films

Client: MADE (ABSOLUT Vodka)

Short explanation

This film promotes an exhibition titled ‘FutureSelf‘ that was held at MADE, an interdisciplinary art space and gallery based in Berlin. At the heart of this exhibition was a cage that mirrors movement in light and creates a three dimensional “living“ sculpture from those who surround it. The installation by rAndom international and Wayne Mc Gregor overcomes the boundaries between the natural and the artificial and was brought to life by two dancers and their illuminated alter egos (made-blog.com/2012/06/future-self-the-experience). The film that is an analogy to this installation was shown on several blogs and websites.