2012 Results

CAT 30 - Animation (TVC)


wanda productions (FRANCE)

Orange, "Christmas"30-03119-TVC

Agency (city): Publicis Conseil Paris

Creative Director(s): Olivier Altmann

Copywriter(s): David Mc Donald/Benjamin Sanial

Art Director(s): Andrea Leupold

Production Company (& City): Wanda Productions Paris

Film Director(s): The Glue Society (Gary Freedman)

Production Company Producer(s): Jérôme Denis

Agency Producer(s): Pierre Marcus/Guillaume Delmas

Music: Albert W. Ketelbey/Terry Snyder And The All Star "in A Persian Market"

Animation: Akama Studio

Short explanation

Starting with a classic setup – a family opening their Christmas presents in a snow-covered house – the film takes an unexpected turn when we discover that they are being watched by some curious observers… Three wise men figurines, a Santa Clause candle, a snowman, a gnome and an angel ornament come to life, in awe of the presents unveiled by the family.


Orange teases its new offer for christmas.