2012 Results

CAT 32 - Editing & Special Effects (TVC)


Fred & Farid Paris (FRANCE)

Martini Royale, "Luck Is an Attitude"32-04326-TVC

Agency (city): Fred & Farid Paris-Shanghai

Creative Director(s): Fred & Farid

Copywriter(s): Fred & Farid

Art Director(s): Fred & Farid

Production Company (& City): GORGEOUS (London)

Film Director(s): Peter Thwaites

Production Company Producer(s): Anna Hashmi

Agency Producer(s): Kate Talor

Short explanation

The advertisement showcases Martini's new philosophy LUCK IS AN ATTITUDE
through an innovative split screen film, and portrays what happens when you decide
to kiss life.
The star of the film, Yuri Buzzi, was selected through a talent search on Facebook
called the Martini Kisser Casting.
The ad follows Yuri as he goes through his day. On one side he is confident and
seizes the many opportunities that come along his way. On the other side he is sitting
back and watching the world pass him by, nothing exciting happens to him.
The commercial suggest that you can create your own luck with the choices you make
and the attitude you take in life.


Martini Royale cocktail / EDITING