2012 Results

CAT 33 - Print Craft (PRE)


Fred & Farid Paris (FRANCE)

Weight Watchers, "Treat Yourself Better" Campaign
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Agency (city): Fred & Farid Paris-Shanghai

Creative Director(s): Fred & Farid

Copywriter(s): Feng Huang

Art Director(s): Feng Huang, Pierre Jouffray

Photographer(s): Rankin

Art Buyer: Carmela Guiragossian

Short explanation

We had to trigger the intention to join Weight Watchers thanks to 2 keys actions, glamorize the brand and open up.

We denounce harmful behaviours that go with weight loss and low fat obsession to emphazise the Weight Watchers method as the solution to get rid off this. We chose an iconic glamourous way to incitate all women to treat themselves better : to put food in their mouths