2012 Results

CAT 34 - Advertising Photography (PH)


MK Norway (NORWAY)

Soft Drinks and Mixers, "Your Taste" Campaign
"Boost", "Dream" & "Love"

Agency (city): MK Norway

Creative Director(s): Armando Zuniga

Copywriter(s): Jon Hjørnevik

Art Director(s): Doffen Trellevik, Ole Færøvik, Armando Zuniga

Photographer(s): Adam Taylor

Graphic Design: Ole Færøvik, Pedro Moreira

Account Director: Britt Hege Karlsen

Short explanation

We needed to create strong visuals in order to stand out from all the ads in the streets of Norway. The way to do this, was to create beautiful underwater images that would also make reference to the essence of the product which is the bubbles.


Schweppes is an international brand of soft drinks and mixers.