2012 Results

CAT 34 - Advertising Photography (PH)


Havas Worldwide Zurich AG (SWITZERLAND)

Classical Music, "Invisible Instruments" Campaign
"Horn", "Harpsichord" & "Violin"

Agency (city): Havas Z├╝rich Worldwide

Creative Director(s): Frank Bodin, Axel Eckstein

Copywriter(s): Florian Birkner

Art Director(s): Inken Rohweder

Photographer(s): Peter Hebeisen

Graphic Design: Luca Schneider

Account Manager: Milena Elias

Art Buyer: Cara-Anne Specker

Composer: Simon Ianelli


Musicians of the Zurich Chamber Orchestra are portrayed in way which puts the emphasis on the dynamics of the musical play. For that purpose the instruments have been removed from the picture that has been shot while the musicians were playing with LEDs attached to their fingers. The light traces are visualising an actual sequence of a musical piece and have not been modified afterwards.