2012 Results

CAT 35 - Illustration (POS)



Marmite Limited Edition Jubilee Jar, "Corgis"35-01746-POS

Agency (city): adam&eveDDB London

Copywriter(s): Jonathan John

Art Director(s): David Mackersey

Illustrator(s): Garry Walton

Typographers(s): Garry Walton

Digital Artwork: Trevor Slabber & Gutenberg Networks

Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen

Designer: Pete Mould

Art Buyer: Fiona Bailey

Retoucher: Jamie May

Marketing Director, Marmite: Pankaj Sharma

Brand Managers, Marmite: Nicola Waymark & Joanne O’Riada

Agency Managing Partner: Anna Hopwood

Agency Business Director: Matthew Bundy

Agency Account Manager: Angharad Thomas

Planner: Tom Lloyd

Project Management: Craig Neilson & Jon Dewart

Media Agency: Mindshare

Short explanation

Marmite launched a nationwide outdoor campaign to showcase the limited edition ‘Ma’amite’ Jubilee Jar by playing on the ‘love it or hate it’ positioning with the Queen’s treasured corgis. The outdoor poster ad features a twist on the Royal crest; it has a pair of corgis reacting to the Marmite and a quirky crown-like rack of toast.
The slogan ‘One either loves it or one hates it’ completes the design, adding a tongue-in-cheek Royal twist to Marmite’s traditional message. The nationwide campaign, which went live in April 2012 on poster sites outside major supermarkets, also benefitted from print advertising, experiential activity and digital support.


Marmite Limited Edition Jubilee Jar