2012 Results

CAT 35 - Illustration (GD)


Ogilvy & Mather Advertising (GERMANY)

Studio for People With Dementia, "Vivid Memories"35-02038-GD

Agency (city): Ogilvy & Mather Germany GmbH

Creative Director(s): Andreas Steinkemper

Copywriter(s): Kajo Strauch, Jill Keehner

Art Director(s): Paul Kuna, Annika Fohler, Rouven Maccario, Vitali Gahl

Production Company (& City): Shotopop LTD. London

Agency Producer(s): Mario Kaltenbach

Illustrator(s): Casper Franken

Art Buyer: Carol Redfield

Project Management: Anke Breuer

Executive Creative Director: Thomas Schwarz

Short explanation

To generate awareness for Raum D, a therapeutic studio for suffers of dementia, we decided to trace the life story of a theoretical Alzheimer’s patient. We created a 3D model of a brain, capturing its full diversity with extreme attention to detail. By doing so we made this person’s memories once more accessible. We toured this exhibition, which incl. 4 ‘panels’ representing personal and historical milestones in a person’s life, in major cities along the Rhine and Ruhr rivers.


Person’s with Alzheimer’s have no hope, as of yet, of a cure. As their disease progresses, they often become increasingly confused and isolated. Raum D is a therapeutic studio for people with dementia. Here, creative work offers patients new ways of dealing with their memories.