2012 Results

CAT 35 - Illustration (POS)


Leo Burnett Chicago (UNITED STATES)

Coca-Cola, "Thumbprints" Campaign
"Stare Bear", "Water Bear" & "Cub Bear"

Agency (city): Leo Burnett Chicago

Copywriter(s): Mike Ward

Art Director(s): Chris von Ende

Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle

Executive Creative Director(s): Dave Loew, Jon Wyville

Associate Creative Director(s): Chris von Ende, Mike Ward

Designer: Eing Omathikul

Agency Producer: Patrick Smith

Studio House: Visualwright

Account Director(s): Emily Davison, Ben Stobart

Account Supervisor: Katie Nikolaus

Short explanation

A great aspect of the Arctic Home effort is the public’s ability to join Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund in making a real difference in the Arctic for only a dollar – and to be able to do that by simply sending a text via mobile device. These posters were created to illustrate how our collective texts (illustrated by thumbprints) can protect the polar bear and its Arctic habitat in a striking, graphic manner. All those thumbs, and the texts they send, can add up to something amazing – ensuring a future for the polar bear.