2012 Results

CAT 36 - Graphic Design (GD)



Soho's Secret Tea Room, "Soho's Secret Tea Room"36-03409-GD

Agency (city): The Partners London

Creative Director(s): Stuart Radford

Senior Designer: Leon Bahrani

Short explanation

Create a logo for Soho’s Secret Tea Room: a small, vintage-inspired tea room hidden away in London’s Soho. The logo must communicate the truly secret nature of the tea room: As well as its hidden location, customers have to phone in advance to book a table and ring the doorbell to be allowed inside.

The logo is based on the idea of looking through a keyhole into a small, secret room. Hidden within the vintage-style keyhole, we created a simple teaspoon shape.

The logo simply and memorably communicates the secretive nature of the tea room and is far removed from the usual clip-art clichés used in other tea room logos. The logo is also able to blend seamlessly with the many vintage patterns and textures found within the room.