2012 Results

CAT 36 - Graphic Design (GD)


JVD/Jacobson Vellinga Design (SWEDEN)

Yoi (Asian Fast Food), "Yoi"36-03496-GD

Agency (city): JVD/Jacobson Vellinga Design Stockholm

Creative Director(s): John Jacobson, Johan Johansson, Olle Nordell

Copywriter(s): Olle Nordell/Nordell & Nordell Stockholm

Art Director(s): John Jacobson/JVD

Photographer(s): John Jacobson, Olle Nordell, Åke E:son Lindman

Account Manager: Johan Johansson/Xlent Strategy, Stockholm

Web production: Five Star Day Malmö

Short explanation

YOI is a brand new fast food chain, opening the first restaurant in Stockholm. There’s a few people who are pretty much fed up with the burger scene, and are looking for something healthier, fresher, tastier. But still quick as Usain. Or at least Yohan. So we mixed the kitchens of Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand into a speedy Asian jambalaya with quick service but slow food qualities.

We created the entire concept, including brand name, graphics, interior design, photography and communication. The concept’s theme runs through everything from bathroom doors to wok bowls.


Newly Established Asian Fast Food Chain