2012 Results

CAT 38 - Packaging Design (GD)


gürtlerbachmann GmbH (GERMANY)

GÖRTZ Customer Card, "Bird Packaging"38-00706-GD

Agency (city): gürtlerbachmann GmbH

Copywriter(s): Claudia Oltmann

Art Director(s): Veronika Kieneke

Production Company (& City): Produktionsbüro Romey von Malottky GmbH

Illustrator(s): Veronika Kieneke

Account Executive: Anne Kukereit

Typography: Müllerditzen AG, P.O.P. Werbeteam GmbH

Executive Producer: Veronika Kieneke

Bildbearbeitung: Julian Hets

Reinzeichnung: Tobias Langkamp

Short explanation

The colourful Görtz world of birds presents itself in all the Görtz sales areas set aside for children’s shoes. Simple shoelaces were transformed into colourful small worms in the beaks of five lovingly designed bird characters, which served as eye-catching packaging. They show different native types of birds that invite play and collection. The aim, with the help of the packaging as part of the campaign, was to increase customer frequency in the Görtz sales areas for children’s shoes and, at the same time, to win customers for the Görtz store card.


Görtz is a german shoe reseller with a lot of stores all over Germany.