2012 Results

CAT 38 - Packaging Design (PAC)


Jung von Matt AG (GERMANY)

Ricola, "Unwrap"38-00846-PAC

Agency (city): Jung von Matt AG, Hamburg

Creative Director(s): Fabian Frese, Goetz Ulmer, Thimoteus Wagner, Martin Strutz

Copywriter(s): Hannah Haeffner

Art Director(s): Johannes Riffelmacher

Photographer(s): Reinhard Hunger, Klaus Merz

Production Company (& City): The Scope

Agency Producer(s): Micha Kuehn

Illustrator(s): Julien Canavezes

Designer: Lars Jakschik, Karina Riehle


Ricola is the favorite bonbon of the great voices of the world. Its traditional blend of 13 natural herbs provides instant relief even to the most strained throats – an effect that we visualize with the help of the wrapping paper. An illustrated special edition turns the drops into the heads of suffering singers. Each and every throat appears to be constricted. However, when you unwrap a bonbon, the throat is relieved and all hoarseness disappears.