2012 Results

CAT 39 - Food & Drink Interactive (INT)


Naked Communications Sweden (SWEDEN)

Grolsch, "Grolsch Photo Machines"39-00237-INT

URL: http://www.inlovewith.com/grolsch_case/

Agency (city): Naked Communications, Sweden

Creative Director(s): Fredrik Preisler

Copywriter(s): Filip Tydén, Erik Nordenankar

Art Director(s): Filip Tydén, Erik Nordenankar, August Zachrisson

Photographer(s): August Zachrisson, Noah Beyene

Production Company (& City): Society 46, Stockholm

Film Director(s): August Zachrisson, Filip Tydén, Erik Nordenankar

Agency Producer(s): Anna Wallin, Sofia Beme, Gabriella Wollo

Illustrator(s): August Zachrisson

Graphic Design: August Zachrisson

Programmer(s): Society 46, Stockholm

Account Director: Fredrik Svensson

Short explanation

We gave our target audience something useful and interesting that could enrich their lives. Something they were actually impressed by, interested in and that had a place in their everyday lives.

Grolsch Photo Machines is a digital photo-app available for iPhone and as a Facebook App. It lets people document their lives through a Grolsch lens. But this app was more real and spectacular than your average photo-app. Grolsch Photo Machines uses real analog photo-filters, not just digital effects. Your image is filtered through an analog process, for example; displayed on a real old-school TV, photographed and sent back to you. Or filtered through a real medium format camera and sent back to you. Every machine was located in the real world where people could see them work. We also did one-off filters. For example live illustrators instantly hand drawing your image and then send it back to you.


Grolsch is a beer with a strategy summed up with the words "Choose Interesting".