2012 Results

CAT 39 - Food & Drink Interactive (INT)



The United Confectionary Manufacturers, "Inspiration - You Inspire Me!"39-00571-INT

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4sHpSiixZ4&feature=youtu.be

Agency (city): OMD OM Group (Moscow)

Creative Director(s): Dmitry Mordashov, Managing Director/Neuron, OMD OM Group; Alexander Balashov, Senior Media Manager/Neuron, OMD OM Group; Ekaterina Pugina, Media Manager/Neuron, OMD OM Group

Agency Producer(s): OMD Digital/OMD OM Group

Graphic Design: Julia Tkacheva, Media Manager/OMD Digital, OMD OM Group

Managing Director: Dmitry Mordashov, OMD OM Group / Neuron

Sr. Media Manager: Alexander Balashov, OMD OM Group / Neuron

Media Specialist: Ekaterina Pugina, OMD OM Group / Neuron

Digital Media Manager: Julia Tkacheva, OMD OM Group / OMD Digital

Short explanation

This project ran on www.odnoklassniki.ru, a Russian social network, but it was only active for one month. We integrated into the actual architecture of the site - it is not a promo-page or other self-contained project we can maintain on a separate location for viewing. The video at the link above demonstrates how the project worked. We hope that is enough for the jury to properly evaluate this innovative project.

GOAL: Get people across Russia and former Soviet territories to give Inspiration chocolates as a symbol, expressing inspiration and warm feelings.

STRATEGY: Use social networks as never done before.

INSIGNT: We noticed that people often use Odnoklassniki.ru to flirt, and the most common way to start flirting is to rate photos.

IDEA: Create new rating button "You-Inspire-Me", creating a new way to flirt.

EXECUTION: Button was integrated into Odnoklassniki’s functional architecture.

Choose someone, select a photo, and with one click leave the message "You-Inspire-Me". That's it!

RESULTS: 370million clicks, 12billion views, +43% sales growth in Russia


-Inspiration (in Russian: Vdokhnoveniye) is chocolate that comes in bars and boxes.
-The brand’s history started over 30 years ago.
-Inspiration chocolates positions itself in the territory of relationships between men and women.
-Inspiration wants consumers to think of it as a gift given as a symbol or a compliment to someone who inspires you.