2012 Results

CAT 39 - Food & Drink Interactive (INT)


Lowe Brindfors (SWEDEN)

Magnum Ice Cream, "Pleasure Hunt Across Amsterdam"39-01992-INT

URL: http://www.anonymousagency.net/showroom/magnum/pleasurehunt2/ar1/

Agency (city): Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm

Creative Director(s): Patrik Westerdahl, Petter Lublin

Copywriter(s): Henrik Haeger

Global Senior Vice President, Magnum: Mick van Ettinger

Global Brand Development Director, Magnum: Sophie Galvani

Global Senior Brand Development Manager, Magnum Digital and Social Media: Alper Eroglu

Global Assistant Brand Development Manager, Magnum Digital & Social Media: Camilla Scognamiglio

Web design: Ellinor Bjarnolf, Rasmus Sjöborg

Strategy Director: Oscar Erlandsson

Account Director: Tina Jarlerud

Digital producer: Lisa Flacké

Digital producer: Sofia Jönsson

Account Manager: Jessica Nordlund

Account Manager: Emma Branting

Technical producer: Tobias Löfgren

Production AR application: Monterosa

Production website: B-Reel/B-Reel Films

Sound: Plan8

Short explanation

In 2011 we created "Pleasure Hunt", a homage to classic platform games, using the Internet as the playground. The brief 2012: To further reinforce the brand promise “For pleasure seekers” and introduce a new member of the Magnum family: “Magnum Infinity”. But how do you take it to the next level if the first version “claimed” the whole Internet? You bring it to the real world.

With Augmented Reality combined with Google maps and the iPhone’s GPS/Gyro functionality we created a phone application that allowed people, in a real life version of Pac Man, to run the streets of Amsterdam and collect the ingredients of the Magnum infinity. But instead of ghosts as in the original, the players where chased by greedy mouths trying to eat the chocolate before you.

A tailor-made version for a specific city gives a more accurate experience in terms of positioning which wouldn’t be possible with a global version. This way we know exactly how the game field would look and could map out every building and street on Google maps. The result is the illusion that objects, as the greedy mouths could literally appear from behind a corner starting to chase you. The application was supported by an event, with a Magnum headquarter, where people could change their points in to a Magnum Infinity.


The Magnum Infinity is the new launch from Magnum in 2012, and one of the biggest launches for Magnum ever. It's a classic Magnum ice cream, made with rare Tanzanian cocoa that gives you a very intense chocolate sensation. The chocolate coating also includes cocoa nibs. Magnum is the biggest ice cream brand within Unilever, and is available across nearly 30 markets globally, from Indonesia to Chile.