2012 Results

CAT 40 - Consumer Services & Household Interactive (INT)


Åkestam Holst (SWEDEN)

Pause Home Entertainment, "The Heist"40-04161-INT

URL: http://ourwork.se/heist/

Agency (city): Åkestam Holst, Sweden

Creative Director(s): Andreas Ullenius

Copywriter(s): Joakim Labraaten

Art Director(s): Petra Albrektson

Photographer(s): Markus Kuhn

Production Company (& City): From Stockholm with Love, Stockholm

Film Director(s): Nisse Axman

Graphic Design: Oscar Gardö

Account Director: Henrik Adenskog

Account Manager: Anna Nolendorfs

Digital Producer: Johan Eklund

Motion Designer: Oskar Törnros

Studio Assistant: Kim Ihre

Production Company: Supermegacorp!

Short explanation

Our brief was to prove that Pause, a reseller of home electronics, delivers the best home cinema experience. But with the challenge of being a small player on the market, we needed to create a story that could catch the attention of Pause offer among their potential clients: true movie lovers.

We turned a store into a movie and invited the public to play the lead role as burglar in a classic heist scene. Inspired by Entrapment, Ocean's Eleven, Mission Impossible and The Italian Job we installed green lasers, motion detectors, strobe lights, alarms, smoke etc. A late evening after closing, you could, with support from a partner at the computer, turn off the motions detectors, crack the code to the alarm system from Pause hijacked website. Among the stolen goods was a 6000 dollars LED TV, headphones, DVDs and generous discounts at Pause.


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