2012 Results

CAT 41 - Public Interest Interactive (INT)


Jung von Matt AG (GERMANY)

Noah Animal Protection, "Code: Noah"41-01346-INT

URL: http://code.noah.de/en/index.html

Agency (city): Jung von Matt / Hamburg

Creative Director(s): Armin Jochum, Wolf Heumann, Andreas Ottensmeier

Copywriter(s): Christian Kutscheid, Torben Otten, Georg Baur

Art Director(s): Hendrik Frey, Hans-Peter Sporer, Tilman Gossner

Production Company (& City): Slaughterhouse GmbH / Hamburg

Film Director(s): I am Svensson

Agency Producer(s): Danilo Kloefer

Programmer(s): Barbara Brunner, Katrin Ackermann, Caroline Bergmann, Katharina Koeth, Frederik Mellert

Producer: Guido Wolff

Account Supervisor: Daniel Kiessling

Director: I am Svensson

Short explanation

We replaced the QR codes on cosmetic posters with new QR codes. Once scanned you would not only see a videoclip of an animal experiment, but also have access to printable QR codes. That way consumers turned into allies and were able to replace QR codes on cosmetic posters by themselves. So our message kept spreading further.
Just a week after being on air, what we predicted, happened. The industry forced us to stop the campaign. This caused a giant media echo. And suddenly animal testing for cosmetics became a public topic again – even without our QR codes.


Noah is a German animal protection society. For years Noah has been fighting against animal experiments. But up to this day cosmetic products are still tested on animals. On behalf of a giant industry and covered by lobbyists in Brussels. But how could the consumers ever find out?