2012 Results

CAT 41 - Public Interest Interactive (INT)


Jung von Matt AG (GERMANY)

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, "Online Street Musicians"41-01450-INT

URL: http://awards.jvm.com/fleet/2012/epica/onlinestreetmusicians

Agency (city): Jung von Matt (Hamburg)

Creative Director(s): Felix Fenz

Copywriter(s): Andreas Hilbig, Marc Freitag, Christina Drescher

Art Director(s): Eric van den Hoonard

Production Company (& City): Markenfilm Crossing (Hamburg)

Film Director(s): Baris Aladag

Agency Producer(s): Martin Schön, Laura Weber

Graphic Design: Cathrin Hoffmann, Pedro

Programmer(s): Robert Menzel, Georg Hemprich

Chief Creative Director: Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Jan Rexhausen

Executive Account Director: Raphael Brinkert

Account Manager: Natalie Martens, Rabea Huthmann


There are 300.000 homeless people in Germany, many of them street musicians. Their problem: today passers-by are more concerned with themselves or their online devices and donate less and less money.

To give street musicians their audience back we took them to a place beggars usually have no access to: the internet. Instead of playing in front of shops we let them play in front of online shops – as interactive banners. With one click people could donate money to the German Red Cross and post or tweet about it.