2012 Results

CAT 41 - Public Interest Interactive (INT)


Jung von Matt AG (GERMANY)

Stolpersteine, "Stones Telling Stories - Online Holocaust Memorial"41-01489-INT

URL: http://awards.jvm.com/fleet/2012/epica/online_holocaust_memorial

Agency (city): Jung von Matt (Hamburg)

Creative Director(s): Felix Fenz

Copywriter(s): David Wegener

Art Director(s): Alexander Norvilas, Eric van den Hoonaard

Production Company (& City): Slaughterhouse GmbH (Hamburg)

Agency Producer(s): Philipp Breidthardt

Chief Creative Directors: Dörte Spengler-Ahrens

Executive Account Director: Raphael Brinkert

Account Manager: Benjamin Wenke, Sara Teckenberg


Shockingly 50 % of the young Germans don´t know what the Holocaust was.

We make them aware again by confronting them with the most impressive Holocaust memorial of all time: the „Stumbling Stones“.

Every brass stone stands for a person who was murdered during the Third Reich. Every stone is placed in front of the building from which the person was deported during. 32.000 stones all over Europe sofar.

IDEA:Turn the world´s largest Holocaust memorial into the world´s largest Online Holocaust memorial.

That´s why we put the Stumbling Stones into Google Places. When someone visits Berlin via Google Street View, they will not only see the names of supermarkets and barbers, but to their surprise they will also see the names of Julius Löwenstein, SimonBlumenthal and many many more. On a microsite we´re collecting Stumbling Stones and provide further Information. Via Banners, an iPhone App and social media we reach even more people.

This is how we reach the young generation.

This is how we make this memorial tangible for people all over the world.

And first and foremost: this is how we give the victims their names and faces back, so that we will never forget them.