2012 Results

CAT 42 - Health, Beauty & Fashion Interactive (INT)



C&A, "Fashion Like"42-04028-INT


Agency (city): DDB Brasil

Creative Director(s): Sergio Valente, Marco Versolato, Ricardo Tronquini, Cristian Mazzeo

Copywriter(s): Helio Marques, Flavio Reghini

Art Director(s): Caio Cardoso, Marcelo Bruzzesi, Rodrigo Ghiorzi

Production Company (& City): Cricket Design

Agency Producer(s): Denis Gustavo Alves, Cristiane Rojas, Pedro Rais, Joao Lopes

Graphic Design: Marco Loschiavo


The action's purpose was to solve one of women's major problems: indecision while shopping.
The strategy was to make women leave the store with clothes that had already been endorsed
by a large number of people, making their decisions more correct due to a previous
'curatorship' service.
To achieve that, we explored an already inherent habit among women, mostly when the
subject is fashion: every woman loves opinions, whether when choosing clothes for
themselves, or to help someone choose.
The choice of leveraging the collection via Facebook was due not only to the large adherence
by the audience, but also due to the simple mechanics that the social network offers: the
possibility of expressing an opinion about something with the mere push of a button.
Therefore, we created Fashion Like, an app made available on the C&A fan page, which
introduced its new collection and allowed people to like the clothes they appreciated the most,
no matter where they were.
Those likes were counted in hangers at the store, providing consumers with a real-time
'curatorship' service, exactly at the decisive moment at the point of sale.