2012 Results

CAT 44 - Media & Entertainment Interactive (INT)


Forsman & Bodenfors (SWEDEN)

GÖTEBORGSOPERAN, "Mis Match"44-02840-INT

URL: http://entries.se/e/opera/mismatch/

Agency (city): Forsman & Bodenfors

Copywriter(s): Leo Magnusson, Elisabeth Christensson, Björn Engström

Art Director(s): Pål Eneroth

Production Company (& City): Thomson Interactive Media

Agency Producer(s): Malin Careborg

Web Designer: Sophia Lindholm

Account Supervisor: Greger Andersson

Account Manager: Åsa Pedersen

Designer: Marc Eastmond

Designer: Icka Samrin

Advertiser's Supervisor: Lena Jaksch

Short explanation

So we launched mis-match.se, a dating site where you could find your total opposite and meet him or her at the Gothenburg Opera.


The Gothenburg Opera is one of Sweden's largest opera houses, and like most opera houses, the Gothenburg Opera is facing an aging audience. Also, Gothenburg has one of the highest rates of singles in Sweden. Approximately 50 % of the population are singles. Most of them are between the age of 18-30, a group that never visits the opera. Coincidentally, West Side Story deals with the issue of love against all odds.
So we set out to promote West Side Story in a way that spoke to a younger audience.