2012 Results

CAT 44 - Media & Entertainment Interactive (INT)


Grey Worldwide GmbH (GERMANY)

Comedy Central, "The Non-Interactive, Interactive Comedy"44-03541-INT


Agency (city): Grey Worldwide GmbH (Duesseldorf)

Creative Director(s): Mark Hendy, Neil Elliot

Copywriter(s): Thomas Voelker, Dominik Janning

Art Director(s): Alphons Conzen, Frederico Gasparian

Production Company (& City): Parasol Island (Duesseldorf)

Agency Producer(s): Claudia Jahn

Account Executive: Annette Debudej

Manager Business Development : Christoph Pietsch

Chief Creative Officer: Roland Vanoni, Andreas Henke, Sacha Reeb

Other: Peter Engel, Mathias Renner

Sales Manager New Media : Patrick Fischer (WallDecaux)

Product Manager Digital: Nadja Vogel (WallDecaux)

Cinematographer: Dirk Schlobohm

Speaker : Tom Zahner

Producer : Lena Breidenbach (Parasol Island)

Executive Producer: Philip Hansen (Parasol Island)

Edit: Sabrina Herten (Parasol Island)

Finishing: Stephan Krause (Parasol Island)

Audio Production: Studio Funk

Live Video Streaming: Code One

Design: The Product

Consulting : Alexander Tabaksmann (Tabaksmann Consulting)

Short explanation

Idea: For Comedy Central Comedy is everywhere. To promote their new relationship show “Happy Endings” we stepped out of TV right into a place where people meet randomly: a bus stop. We transformed it into a stage where we forged relationships between strangers; creating the world’s first non-interactive, interactive comedy.

Execution: When people appeared at the bus stop a Comedy Central scriptwriter started to write relationship jokes about them and uploaded it instantly into a speech or thought bubble above them. Online people also had the opportunity to write their own jokes and send them in real time via the Comedy Central Facebook page.

Results: We entertained passing pedestrians and created attention for the new show, it made people laugh online and offline and that was exactly what Comedy Central wanted.


For Comedy Central Comedy is everywhere. Promotion of their new relationship show “Happy Endings”.