2012 Results

CAT 44 - Media & Entertainment Interactive (INT)


Google Creative Lab (UNITED KINGDOM)

Google Chrome, "Chrome Web Lab"44-03952-INT

URL: http://www.chromeweblab.com/

Agency (city): Google Creative Lab (London)

Creative Director(s): Google Creative Lab

Production Company (& City): Bibliotèque (London), B-Reel (London), Fraser Randall (London), Karsten Schmidt (London), Tellart (Providence), Universal Design Studio (London), Weir + Wong (London)

Short explanation

Web Lab is a first-of-its-kind global museum experience, featuring 5 interactive experiments that make the invisible technologies of the web tangible. The physical experiments at the Science Museum in London are accessible to the world online at chromeweblab.com. Web Lab is an interactive project designed to bring the magic of the web to life whilst showcasing the power of Google’s pioneering Chrome Browser and the possibilities it offers.


Google Chrome is a simple and secure web browser that runs websites and applications with lightning speed.