2012 Results

CAT 46 - Online Ads (INT)



THE-VILLAGE.RU (On-Line City Guide), "Parking Douche"46-01095-INT

URL: http://festival-cases.com/parking_douche/

Agency (city): Look At Media Moscow

Creative Director(s): Katya Bazilevskaya (Look At Media Moscow); Grisha Sorokin

Production Company (& City): Look At Media Moscow

Creative Strategist: Alexey Artyukhov (Look At Media Moscow)

Art Director: Vladimir Shreyder (Look At Media Moscow)

Project Manager: Alya Gabdurakhmanova (Look At Media Moscow)

Technical Director: Alexander Rybyakov (Look At Media Moscow)

Mobile App Developer: Alexander Simonov

Flash Developer: Alexander Redinger

Short explanation

'Douche parking' is a huge city problem in Russia. There're not many places to park but also there're people who just don't care about others.
Online city newspaper, The Village.ru, has decided to help people make such behaviour socially unacceptable using digital media.
We've created a free app. It allows people to take pictures of wrongly parked cars, and save the car number, type (e.g. crossover) and colour. This data is streamed live to special banner ads that are targeted through IP address to locations where these cars were parked. These banners work as pop-ups where you see a car with a number 'parked' on an article you're reading. When you hover over the banner it lets you know that this car is annoying people in a certain street in the city right now just like it's doing on the site. The user was motivated to share the picture of the 'parking douche' in social media to close the banner.
Because of the IP address/location targeting, lots of people saw themselves, their neighbours/colleagues or the 'douches' they saw and hated for a long time. That made them care and share the project information, and others were left feeling ashamed.


The-Village.ru is an on-line newspaper that inspires people to make their city more comfortable, more beautiful and more friendly with information and digital tools to take an action.