2012 Results

CAT 46 - Online Ads (INT)


Naked Communications Sweden (SWEDEN)

Norton, "Top Search Result"46-02304-INT

URL: http://inlovewith.com/nortontopsearchresultcase/

Agency (city): Naked Communications Stockholm

Creative Director(s): Christoffer Dymling

Art Director(s): Mårten Hedbom, Filip Tyden, Fredrik Preisler

Production Company (& City): Society 46 Stockholm

Account Director: Lovisa Sunnerholm

Visualizer: August Zachrisson

Senior Account Director: Johan Falk

Short explanation

Today, first impressions are more often made online, when someone Googles your name. The problem is that Google and not you, control which search result they’ll see. To prove that Norton cares about protecting your online life, we created the “Top Search Result” service. By buying the rights to your name as an adword on Google, and give it to you for free, you can control what your first impression online should be.


Norton Internet Security.