2012 Results

CAT 46 - Online Ads (INT)


Ogilvy & Mather London (UNITED KINGDOM)

Dove, "The Dove Ad Makeover"46-03014-INT

URL: http://www.creative-awards-entries.com/2012/thedoveadmakeover/summary

Agency (city): Ogilvy & Mather London

Creative Director(s): Gerry Human, Ivan Pols

Copywriter(s): Margo Young, Laura Rogers

Art Director(s): Trevallyn Hall

Production Company (& City): The Mill London

Agency Producer(s): Fiona Renfrew

Creative Technologist: Craig Blagg

Digital Producer: Sasha Dunn

InformationArchitect: Anthony Butterfield

Developer: Martin Robertson

Designer: Simone Zahradka

Global Digital Strategy Director: Giles Rhys-Jones

Managing Partner: Stephane Orhan

SVP/Global Dove: Steve Miles

GBVP/Dove Skin: Fernando Machado

Account Director: Emily Creek

Account Manager: Lucy Luo

Global Brand Manager: Kathleen Ryan

Planner: Michael Hines

Post Production and animation: Carl Phillips, Carl Addy, James Motner


Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty had raised public awareness of the beauty anxiety caused by the magazine, broadcast and beauty industries, but the times had changed. By 2012, new sources of beauty anxiety were cropping up in places that hadn’t even existed when the original Campaign for Real Beauty launched.

The rich profile information available from womens’ social media profiles was being used to serve them negative advertising: status updates about them baking would get them served a weight loss ad, bikini pictures from their holiday would prompt an offer of a boob job, and break-ups would lead to them being advertised to asking why they were ’27 and still single’.
All of this was bad for womens’ self-esteem, and so Dove decided to do something about it. Social was the problem, but it also had to be the solution. We asked women to join the cause and help us reshape the media environment that they, and other women, experienced.
The result was a fully integrated social campaign that encompassed PR, paid social media advertising, online film and a Facebook app, but it soon travelled into international news media via the Huffington Post and Mashable.