2012 Results

CAT 47 - Online Films (INT)


Publicis Conseil (FRANCE)

Samusocial, "A Woman's Nightmare"47-00266-INT

URL: http://www.awomansnightmare.com/

Agency (city): Publicis Conseil

Creative Director(s): Veronique Sels

Copywriter(s): Veronique Sels

Art Director(s): Bastien Grisolet

Production Company (& City): Quad, Paris

Film Director(s): Frederic Schoendoerffer

Agency Producer(s): Pierre Marcus, Timothe Rosenberg/WAM, Paris

Sales team: Patrick Lara, Emmanuelle Henry, Debora Guarachi

Digital planner: Guillaume Sabbagh

Producer: Martin Coulais

Editor: Stephane Couturier

Post-production: Digital District, Paris

Sound producer: Olivier Guillou

Composer: Bruno Coulais

Advertiser's supervisor: Eric Molinie/Stefania Parigi/Valerie Coton

International Creative Director: Veronique Sels

Short explanation

awomansnightmare.com(cauchemardefemme.fr ) is a microsite where the viewer is invited to watch an interactive film. Super : On May 31, if the women's emergency shelter closes its doors, homeless women will have to sleep outdoors.Night time. A homeless girl lies on the ground. Two men go past. She asks them for a cigarette. The situation worsens. One of the men starts to abuse her. Defending herself, she runs away and the two men chase her in the
deserted streets. Finally, the girl arrives in front of the door of the women's homeless shelter. She bangs the door with all her force, screaming for help. Then a pop up appears with a countdown timer of 20 seconds and the following text: 'To keep the Shelter open, sign the petition by sharing it on Facebook/Twitter.' If the viewer signs the film-petition: the door of the shelter opens, the girl enters and the two attackers remain outside. If the viewer does
not sign the film-petition : the door does not open, and the girl is left outside, captured by the two attackers. The issue of the film depends of the viewer's decision.