2012 Results

CAT 48 - Integrated Campaigns (INC)



Cheyef Halak, "Cheyef Halak"48-00541-INC

URL: http://www.awards-creative.com/cheyef7alak/integrated.html

Agency (city): IMPACT BBDO Beirut

Creative Director(s): Walid Kanaan

Copywriter(s): Miriam Jbeili - Chris Jabre - Marie-Noelle de Chaderevian

Art Director(s): Nay AbouChahla

Agency Producer(s): Omar Frangieh - Rawad Keyrouz

Head of Design: Davar Azarbeygui

Manager - Content Development: Omar Sadek

Digital Account Manager: Jocelyne Tawk

Account Executive: Nayla Kheyreddine

Short explanation

The most influential and talked-about campaign was exceptionally successful and the “shake-up” became a movement!
1/ The campaign arose buzz in all media circles as it started off with 4 TV commercials and ended up with a holistic dimension on the news, in talk shows, articles, press clippings and interviews (Ref. in edit).
2/ The Cheyef 7alak campaign gained enormous popularity among bloggers, making it the center of attention of blogs across the nation .
3/ The way of communicating the cause through social dramatization and sarcasm even became an advertising trend adopted by different local brands, such as BANK Med’s “chou we2fet 3alaye?” – as if it all comes down to me!.(ref. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs8ZeWujnGA )
4/ TVCs that aired on LBCi and uploaded on YouTube have recorded a huge increase in online views with more than 18,000 channel views as well as an ever-growing number of comments and likes.
5/ More than 34,000 active Facebook users endorsed the cause through their daily posts with more than 24,000 likes, more than 1,500 wall posts or comments per week as well as more than 5,000 visits per week (ref. http://www.facebook.com/cheyef7alak ). The community also took over the twitter channel thttp://twitter.com/#!/cheyef7alak and website views exceeded expectations http://www.cheyef7alak.com. A app was created to facilitate online posting www.cheyef7alak.mobi.

6/ Foreign impact was revealed through positive feedback from Lebanese expatriates in various countries such as the Philippines and the United States of America.
7/ In parallel with the campaign, the new ministry of interior H.E. Marwan Charbel declared 2 new laws announced publicly on the news proving that the campaign has encouraged change.
• One, a specific schedule for trucks circulation on July 1st 2011
• The 2nd, imposing rules and regulations to all motorcycle riders (obligatory helmets, no more than 2 passengers…) June 23rd 2011, on the News and posted on the Ministry of Interior official website http://www.moim.gov.lb/UI/news/news495.html
8/ On their own initiative and inspired by the Cheyef Halak campaign, the municipality of Beirut invited the Lebanese to use the pedestrian bridge at Karantina, by building fences, preventing them to cross the highway for their safety . (Pic. Uploaded with the case).
9/ CBS, the business School of Columbia University in Manhattan, New York City, even contacted the agency to make the Cheyef 7alak case study, part of their teaching curriculum


“Cheyef” derives from the Arabic verb “Choof” meaning “see” ”, as for the word “Halak”, it translates to “Yourself”. The expression “Cheyef 7alak?” was employed in two meanings, the first “Showing off?” and the second “Do you see yourself doing what you’re doing?” This CSR campaign's objective is to create awareness and influence behaviors for a social change. It's heartbeat lies online and puts forth the uncivilized conducts empowering Lebanese citizens to report irresponsible and dangerous behaviors. Each participant - advocator of the cause - makes a positive difference against those foolish enough to believe they can outsmart the law.