2013 Results

CAT 01 - Food (FLM)



Lofoten, Lofoten Fish Cakes: "Hold i torsken"01-00721-FLM

Agency (& City): TRY/ Apt Advertisin Agency

Copywriter(s): Lars Joachim Grimstad

Art Director(s): Egil Pay

Production Company (& City): Pravda

Film Director(s): Kristoffer Carlin

Production Company Producer(s): Erik Schoyen/ Mette Waaberg

Agency Producer(s): Cathrine Wennersten/ Morten Polmar

Short explanation

The film starts with nice shots at the sea in Lofoten in the north of Norway. A voice-over tells the story of the people of Lofoten, who has overcome the harsh conditions in Norway only with the help of cod. A doctor tells us that it turns out the cod is so nutritious that it cures pain just by holding it. We see a man playing soccer and getting hurt. A keeper runs and gives him a big cod, and he suddenly feels a lot better. An older woman breaks up with his boyfriend, but gives him a cod as comfort. A man gets fired, but feels better with a cod. The voice-over sums it up, by telling the story of how the people of Lofoten knows all the secrets of the cod, also how to make it taste perfect in fish cakes, with more fish and only natural ingredients.
Lofoten. Straight form the sea.


Lofoten is a small fish manufacturer from Lofoten in the north of Norway.
Their fish cakes are made of more fish than the other norwegian manufacturers.