2013 Results

CAT 03 - Drinks (PRE)


Sancho BBDO Worldwide Inc (COLOMBIA)

Exito, Water: "Splash" Campaign
"Meat", "Salmon" & "Green Onion"

Agency (& City): Sancho BBDO Worldwide Inc

Creative Director(s): Giovanni Martinez / Hugo Corredor

Copywriter(s): Juan Gomez / Freddy Ospina

Art Director(s): Andres Maranta / Edwin Pineda

Photographer(s): Leonardo Vilela

Production Company Producer(s): Platinum MDF

Digital Artwork: Flavio Albino

Short explanation

In Colombia, many people tend to buy water in a bag or boil water and keep it in a jar in the fridge, The water gets easily tainted with a diverse array of smells and tastes from other foodstuff the fridge. This is why Éxito Supermarkets created a bottle that has seven layers to protect the water's taste while in the fridge, and our mission was to launch this. After reviewing many ideas, we came to a simple one: we wanted to give to the consumer an idea about how the water might taste if left in the fridge unprotected by the kind of bottle Éxito water comes in.