2013 Results

CAT 04 - Communication Services (OUT)


Leg agency (FRANCE)

OÜI FM, OÜI FM app: "Rock Is Now Everywhere"04-00764-OUT

Agency (& City): leg. (Paris)

Copywriter(s): Virgile Lassalle

Art Director(s): Stéphane Richard

Agency Producer(s): Catherine Candusso

Programmer(s): Fanny Temam

Associate director in charge of budget: Thomas Kohn

Client account director: Thomas Kohn

Assistant Art Director: Caroline Lorin

OÜI FM CEO: Emmanuel Rials

OÜI FM communication director: Audrey Levy

Short explanation

The entire title is "Rock is now everywhere in the Paris tube stations with the new OÜI FM app" so to represent the fact that the "Rock is now everywhere in the Paris tube" we decided to replace names of the stations by titles song or music bands. We choose a subway map of Paris for the format of this advertisement to emphasize the creative idea.


The new OÜI FM mobile application witch offers a music access everywhere.