2013 Results

CAT 04 - Communication Services (FLM)


DDB Tribal Wien GmbH (AUSTRIA)

T-Mobile Austria GmbH, T-Mobile: "SMS Lovestory"04-01396-FLM

Agency (& City): DDB Tribal Wien (Vienna)

Creative Director(s): Lukas Grossebner, Gustavo Vieria Dias

Copywriter(s): Lukas Grossebner

Art Director(s): Peter Mayer, Mike Nagy

Production Company (& City): PPM Filmproductions (Vienna)

Film Director(s): DGMN

Short explanation

People don’t always know the right words when texting with each other.

We follow a text message conversation of a boy and a girl who struggle with what to say. As soon as they show their affection for each other by writing something romantic, they immediately delete it as it might be misunderstood and replace it with an emotionless phrase like "Hey" or "How are you", hindering a possible relationship. Finally the boy plucks up courage and sends her a picture of two concert tickets.


T-Mobile Austria promoted the company's claim: "This connects us." ("Das Verbindet Uns")