2013 Results

CAT 04 - Communication Services (OUT)


Havas Worldwide Istanbul (TURKEY)

Açık Radyo: "Music of the People"04-01898-OUT

Agency (& City): Havas Worldwide Turkey

Creative Director(s): Ergin Binyildiz

Copywriter(s): Merve Selamet

Art Director(s): Serhat Akavci

Photographer(s): Harold Feinstein

Agency Producer(s): Ozge Goksel

Short explanation

Açık Radyo is a radio station that covers global social and cultural issues as well as airing all types of music from all around the world. They go by the motto "open to all sounds of the universe". In this work, we are showing a score sheet (what a wonderful world) made up of people.


Açık Radyo (Open Radio), which went on air 18 years ago on 13 November, 1995, is a “regional” radio station, which broadcasts to the metropolitan Istanbul area and its environs.
Açık Radyo is not dependent on any interest group or any capital group. It is also completely independent from the state, and from any kind of “ideology” except the principles of pluralist democracy, the rule of law, and the protection and promotion of universal human rights and fundamental freedoms. Thus, it is an independent body. It can be considered as one of the rare independent institutions in the Turkish media scene, which is under increasing pressure from the concentration of ownership of financial and power centers.