2013 Results

CAT 04 - Communication Services (FLM)


swissfilmmakers GmbH (SWITZERLAND)

Swisscom IT Services, Outsourcing: "Action Hero"04-03185-FLM

Production Company (& City): swissfilmmakers GmbH, Zurich

Film Director(s): Tobias Straka

Production Company Producer(s): Martina Biotti, Stephan Lendi, Tobias Straka

Director of Photography: Pascal Walder

Client: Swisscom IT Services Outsourcing, Zurich & Conobs - Contemporary Observations, Beat Oswald

Concept & Script: Beat Oswald, Tobias Straka

Edit: Tobias Straka

Music: Red Ochsenbein

Sounddesign: SOUNDTRACKER audio productions, Christian Bisang

Short explanation

What is Outsourcing? In this clip, we show an example of where an important task should better have been outsourced to a professional. Not an example that will easily come to mind, but one that will stick in your mind...


Swisscom IT Services has a sub-division that specialises in Outsourcing, mainly for IT specific tasks. It is a personalised service for companies that seek a professional partner in the Communication Services sector.