2013 Results

CAT 05 - Transport & Tourism (OUT)


Ogilvy & Mather London (UNITED KINGDOM)

Expedia: "Luggage Labels" Campaign
"Wsh Ewe Wre Ere", "Gry Sky", "Arm Leg", "Mum Dad IOU", "Sun Sea Snd Sex" & "Yoo Wat"

Agency (& City): Ogilvy & Mather

Executive Creative Director: Gerry Human

Copywriter(s): Jon Morgan

Art Director(s): Mike Watson

Graphic Design: Mark Osborne

Typographer(s): Mark Osborne

Retoucher: Trevor Qizilbash

Business Director: Stephen Hillcoat

Account Manager: Jessica Wilkinson

Senior Director of Marketing: Andrew Warner

Short explanation

The population is divided into two groups. The ones that think travel is a luxury and the ones that believe travel is a necessity. Our target was the second group. The Believers.
The Believers acknowledge the value of travel, and have given it a valuable role in their lives.
Travel helps fulfill the needs of their Mind, Body & Soul. For the Believers, travel is a conduit
for personal progression. They believe Travel is truly transformational. There are over 9,000 airports around the world and every one has it’s own three letter code. We utilized these humble, but iconic codes to promote a wide range of offers and specials for the Expedia brand.