2013 Results

CAT 05 - Transport & Tourism (FLM)



Virgin, Virgin Atlantic: "Flying in the Face of Ordinary"05-02018-FLM

Agency (& City): RKCR/Y&R

Creative Director(s): Mark Roalfe

Copywriter(s): Pip Bishop

Art Director(s): Chris Hodgkiss

Production Company (& City): Partizan Ltd, London

Service Company in SA: Stillking

Film Director(s): Antoine Bardou - Jacquet

Production Company Producer(s): David Stewart

Agency Producer(s): Jody Allison

Production Assistant: Flo Clive

Music Producer: Dan Neale

DoP: Andre Chemetoff/Damian Morisot

Production Designer: Nick Ellis

Editor: Bill Smedley

Editing House: Work Post

Post Production: MPC

Post Production Producer: Julie Evans

Sound Engineer: Aaron Reynolds

Composer: Guy Farley

Short explanation

In 2min, 90”, 60” and 30” TV and cinema edits and a 2min online version, RKCR/Y&R has adopted a faux movie trailer format that pays homage to the superhero genre. We see Virgin Atlantic Airways staff as children, in possession of special gifts and extraordinary talents, such as gifts of intuitive anticipation, rapid reflexes, creative problem solving, heightened empathy and ultimate passion for flying. These remarkable abilities draw them to join Virgin Atlantic where they can fulfil their potential and become the finest crew, ground staff, designers and pilots resulting in the superior customer experience Virgin Atlantic delivers. An experience that truly flies in the face of ordinary.

The print and outdoor campaign connects the TV execution to the real product and experience Virgin Atlantic delivers across all cabins, presented with heightened reality and again brought to you by Virgin Atlantic staff.


In a world where long haul travel has become homogenised, at best dull & at worst pretty dreadful, Virgin Atlantic wanted to remind people how amazing flying should be. With the right airline, every time you fly can be as amazing as the first.
29 years after launch, Virgin Atlantic still wants to challenge the category, to stand against mediocrity and strive for better customer experience.
“Flying in the Face of Ordinary”, brings to life Virgin Atlantic’s innovative and pioneering spirit whilst demonstrating that special spark that makes the people, and the experience you get at Virgin Atlantic different.