2013 Results

CAT 05 - Transport & Tourism (FLM)



Virgin Holidays, Holidays: "Virgin Holidays – Weather idents"05-03172-FLM

Agency (& City): M&C Saatchi London

Executive Creative Director: Elspeth Lynn

Associate Creative Directors: Dan McCormack

Associate Creative Directors: Luke Boggins

Art Director(s): James Millers

Copywriter(s): Andrew Long

Short explanation

In a flailing economy, people cut back on big ticket items.
Our challenge was to convince people that going on a Virgin Holiday shouldn¹t be one of the big ticket items they cut back on this winter and that they should take a long haul beach holiday with Virgin Holidays.
Our insight came from the fact that the people of Britain were facing the coldest winter in 100 years and the second wettest in history. And that was off the back of a pretty poor summer. Getting some sun in the winter, was therefore even more important than usual.
Our strategy was to show our audience the (sunny) light at the end of the tunnel ­ that even if it was miserable in the UK, somewhere in the world, there is a summer to be had on a Virgin Holiday.
Our idea ­ Get your summer this winter on a Virgin Holiday
We bought media at either side of ITV¹s London Weekday Weather forecast, and created a series of idents showing alternative weather forecasts from Virgin Holiday destinations.
With a different weather presenter giving a fun, tongue-in-cheek forecast in the local language, and reporting wall-to-wall sunshine, the reports could not be more different to the real UK forecasts they book ended.
Seeing the two forecasts side-by-side meant our message was absolutely clear ­ get your summer this winter on a Virgin Holiday