2013 Results

CAT 06 - Retail Services (PRE)



McDonald's, Kids Birthday Parties: "Houses" Campaign
"Ollie and the Glass House", "Matthew and the Paper House" & "Abigail and the Inflatable House"

Agency (& City): DDB South Africa

Creative Director(s): Liam Wielopolski, Grant Jacobsen

Copywriter(s): Matthew Berge

Art Director(s): Hital Pandya

Photographer(s): Carioca

Illustrator(s): Carioca

Short explanation

For many, McDonald’s remains nothing more than a fast-food chain. People, parents of younger children in particular, needed to be made aware of the fact that McDonald’s restaurants are also a one-stop shop for kids’ parties. From child-minding, kid’s entertainment, decoration and birthday cakes to Happy Meal party packs for guests. There was one key objective: make parents consider McDonald’s as a venue for their child’s birthday party.